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Visit to Warrington – Callands Primary school

Photo courtesy of Warrington Guardian

Last week I visited the reception classes in Callands Primary school in Warrington.

We talked about lots of stories, What Colour is Love? You can see some of the children getting involved in the story with toys of the animals.

We had other stories to talk about, too.

The Singing Beetle, about Poppy the beetle who liked to sing,  and although the other beetles didn’t like her singing she soon discovered  that being able to sing, however badly, could be useful!

The Giant and the Frippit, about a grumpy little Frippit who learns that it is better to be friendly, and not tell lies.


We read Melting Snow and discovered that it is not always sad when things melt!



We also talked about Hamish McHaggis and the Ghost of Glamis, and soon had all the children getting ready to ‘coorie doon’ for a snooze.






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