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Please note : –RE Author events and school visits.  Thank you for considering me, but for the moment I will not be available for events or school visits ( in person or virtual), not already scheduled,  for the rest of this school year (2022).

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About Linda Strachan: Linda is registered on Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Database

Linda Strachan has written over 70 books for all ages, interests and abilities and, over the last 20 years, has helped to inspire thousands of young people and emerging writers through her events and writing workshops.

Perhaps best known for her Hamish McHaggis series for young readers, and her award-winning books for teenagers – Spider, Dead Boy Talking, and Don’t Judge Me – Linda has also written: picture books; books for reluctant readers; non fiction books; books for educational publishers; and a writing handbook for aspiring and newly published writers, Writers & Artist’s guide to Writing for Children and YA
She has presented to Conferences, Festivals,Schools  and Libraries in the UK and abroad, including the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the Bath Children’s Festival, Kingston University writers’ Conference. Linda has visited Sydney, Australia, to speak to adult writers, and toured schools in North Island, New Zealand, with the New Zealand Book Council.
Linda has visited International schools including a visit to the Modern English School in Cairo, where she spoke to pupils of all ages from nursery upwards, and delivered creative writing workshops for the older pupils.   (Testimonials about Linda’s events follow in the recommendations section below.)

Linda’s author sessions:
Linda delivers interactive, informative and fun author sessions, tailored specifically to different age groups, from the youngest children to the top of the senior school and for adult writers.  She enthrals her audience with her energy and enthusiasm and is happy to speak to large or small groups. Her passionate approach is simple but effective and she firmly believes in encouraging emerging writers through a mixture of enthusiasm for her subject and sound, practical advice.
When children are engaged and gripped by what they read this can lead to a life long love of books and learning.

“Linda visited our school on World Book Day and provided a wonderful afternoon which kept over 100 Year 7 students, and their teacher, spellbound with her insights into the ideas and fascinating research which lie behind her books. The many questions asked by our students showed how much Linda’s knowledge and enthusiasm had inspired them to read and write even more. A truly inspiring afternoon and we look forward very much to welcoming Linda back again in the future.” Duham Johnston High School

For Conferences and Emerging Writers:
Linda will speak to large or small audiences.  She has tutored adult writers on residential writing courses and spoken about writing for children at Conferences and to writers’ groups. Her writing handbook has been recommended by many well known children’s writers and on writing courses, and the new, expanded and fully updated edition The Writers and Artists Guide to Writing For Children and YA(Bloomsbury) looks at everything from starting to write, the many different areas of writing for children as well as what it means to be writer, and what to expect form a writing career, in the ‘now you are published’ section.

For ages 5 to 8:
Linda’s author sessions can focus on the Hamish McHaggis series. These stories feature an osprey, a pine marten and a hedgehog from Kent, as well as the loveable Hamish (a cuddly haggis). They follow the characters on a variety of adventures and cover topics such as: canals and transport; friendship and natural history; and family and traditions. There are free downloadable teachers’ resources for lesson plans and class work based around the series available here:

For Ages 7 to 10+:
The Dangerous Lives of the Jacobites ( pub 2019) is a fact/fiction mix, is not only full of historical facts but also follows the story of Rob a young Jacobite who with his father, joins Bonnie Prince Charlie’s army and at the same time his younger sister Aggie shows us what life was like for the women left behind in the Highlands. From their daily life , what they ate, how and where they lived and what they wore, to how it felt to be hiding from the soldiers that were searching for Jacobites. With a full array of fabulous facts about the history behind the Jacobites, we follow the stories of all 5 Risings, and discover common misconceptions, such as that the Jacobites were not only Scots, they were English, Welsh, Irish and even French. With funny/ factual quizzes and things to make, props etc, this is a highly interactive session.

Other sessions might focus on tales and legends, such as Greyfriars Bobby, which retells the famous legend of a little dog’s loyalty to his master, and Gordon Gets Even, which opens up a discussion on bullying, in a positive way.

For Ages 11+:
Sessions follow the same format as those detailed below for older children, and will focus on Linda’s award winning books, Spider, Dead Boy Talking, and Don’t Judge Me.  
These books deal with some difficult issues: however, the sessions are tailored to be age appropriate. Linda has run many events on these books for this age group.  If you have any concerns about content or the subject matter of the books you are advised to read them beforehand, but please feel free to contact her to discuss it further.

For older children and young adults
Linda is happy to speak to large or small audiences and can provide hour- long author sessions featuring her YA (Young Adult) novels, the award winning Spider, and Dead Boy Talking, and her latest novel, Don’t Judge Me.
These books open up many opportunities for reflection and discussion about real life issues facing teenagers worldwide today.  Linda leads the audience on a journey talking about decisions, actions and consequences; about loyalty, friendships and peer pressure – discussing her characters, how their lives will turn out and what can be learned from their stories.  Using powerpoint presentation, she shows the lengths an author will sometimes go to in developing believable characters, plot and setting.  She discusses her painstaking and detailed research including: visiting young offenders; meeting police liaison officers; shadowing paramedics; and watching firefighters in training.
There is always time for questions from the audience and following on from this Linda introduces the audience to the world of publishing, revealing and what it takes to produce a book from idea to bookshelf.

Creative writing workshops for children and young people of all ages and abilities:
Linda is also an experienced creative writing teacher.  In her creative writing workshops (preferably with smaller groups) children are encouraged to explore ways of releasing their own creativity in developing characters to drive a plot forward, exploring voice and dialogue, and writing short stories. Very interactive with lots of short exercises that allow for  creative ideas to be developed after the visit.

‘… inspirational in her writing and in a workshop situation.’


Creative writing workshops for Adults and CPD for Teachers

Linda can provide inspirational creative writing workshops on all aspects of writing for personal enjoyment or for publication for emerging writers, or those wanting to add to their skills.  She also offers professional development courses for teachers on their own personal writing, or for Teaching creative writing in the Classroom.

Linda is always happy to sign copies of her books purchased or brought in on the day of her visit.*



What Colour is Love? Introducing colours, animals and feelings to younger children.
The Hamish McHaggis Series: 10 books (with free downloadable teachers’ resources)

Greyfriars Bobby The story, of a little dog whose loyalty to his master made him a legend.

The Singing Beetle (Big Cat Phonics)

Gordon Gets Even  (Ginn)

Books for Teens/ Young Adults:-

Spider  – Winner of the Catalyst Book Award 2010
Spider is on his last warning.  If he’s caught joyriding again he’ll be sent down, no questions asked.  He’s trying to stick to the straight and narrow but his girlfriend, Deanna, and mate Andy reckon he should risk one last run.

‘Fast paced and uncompromising The Herald
A triumph of teenage fiction’ : Mary Arrigan – The Irish Examiner
‘An intense ride…You can almost hear the wheels spin…Smell the tyres burn…’ Keith Gray -The Scotsman
‘Spider is fuelled with emotion. I couldn’t put it down until I’d read the last page.’  Waterstones

Dead Boy Talking
Josh has 25 minutes to live. Lying alone in a pool of blood, Josh hasn’t much time to think.  Yesterday he stabbed his best mate, and now it’s happened to him.  But there are questions he can’t get out of his head.  Like, how did he get into this mess?  Will anyone find him in time?  Will his girlfriend forgive him, and what really happened to his older brother?  As his life slips away, the events of the last 24 hours start to look very different.
‘A powerful story made more so by the author’s understated style of writing, never once does she veer into being preachy or a told-you-so tone, which would have teens running for cover. The fast pace and direct approach will have a particular appeal to reluctant readers. A definite must have for any school library’ The Bookette

‘I was totally hooked from the very first sentence  – “In 25 minutes I will be dead” – it must have one of the most stunning, shocking opening pages of any book’  My Favourite Books

Don’t Judge Me
We all make snap judgements, about our friends, people we meet, and other people’s motives. But what if we’re wrong? What if a life depends on getting it right?  Take four teens, an arsonist, and unreliable witness and four different motives. With life and death on the line –– Don’t Judge Me.

Strachan has done it again – a story that brings real teenagers to the page’  Ourbookreviews

‘ …as a reader I found myself making snap judgements only to get proved wrong.’  William Plain, Librarian, Knox Academy

‘I really enjoyed the book because it made me question my own decision of ‘who started the fire’. I liked how most of the book was narrated but at some points the book had the view of the character and I think this really made this book unique and interesting to read.’ Ciara: Teen Library Reading Group- Longniddry Library

Writers & Artists Guide to Writing for Children and YA

For aspiring, and newly- published writers.  This offers advice on the whole business of writing for children from pre-school to teenage, from initial idea to publication and beyond.

An essential tool for anyone interested in the art, craft and business of writing. Malorie Blackman – Children’s Laureate

The advice in this book is utterly invaluable Nicola Morgan

A very valuable tool for any author about to enter this genre.’A Gardiner.

Recommendations: Author visits and events
‘We were delighted when Linda agreed to be one of the authors at our first Children’s Book Event at Turnberry.  She really captivated her audience and brought her books alive!’ Turnberry Resort, Scotland

‘Speaking to children for an hour is no mean feat and you had them spellbound from beginning to end! We have had such wonderful feedback from parents and children themselves are hugely enthusiastic.  I look forward to welcoming you to George Watsons College again in the very near future.’ Alison Adams. Principal Teacher, George Watsons College, Edinburgh

‘A thoroughly enjoyable session and I know the staff and students got a lot out of it.
At the end of school that day one S5 pupil, who had chosen to stay in the library to listen to your session, rushed in to borrow the last copy of Spider – a result!’
Rebecca Christine, Librarian: Mary Erskine’s Edinburgh  S3

‘Linda was very kind and taught us different techniques for descriptive writing and saw our work and tried to improve it. While talking to us Linda treated us right for our age and was very pleasant. She talked about her books and read excerpts. She talked about overcoming writing block and some exercises to do; she taught us how to be more creative and how to stretch time in books. She gave us an exercise about making up a title and trying to write a story about it. I was so impressed by her writing that I bought her book.’ Solange Henan –Student: Modern English School, Cairo Year 9 – 

‘Thank you very much indeed for the brilliant session. The children have been full of positive comments and all the library copies of the Hamish McHaggis books have disappeared into classrooms and schoolbags!’ Maureen Denham, Librarian: Hutcheson’s Grammar Glasgow  P1 & P2  –

‘After your storytelling workshop I decided to give each of my grandchildren one of your books for Christmas. My 15year old grandson does not read books but, always the optimist, I bought him a copy of Spider. Imagine my surprise and speechlessness when two months later he informed his grandad ‘That book you gave me is awesome’ and proceeded to relate the story in detail. Thank you for making reading appealing enough to reach my grandson.’  Langholm Playcare Afterschool club & CPD for Play Leaders November

‘Linda really knows how to hold her audience’s attention. You could have heard a pin drop! International School of Aberdeen

‘Linda is one of those authors who not only nails it on the page, but is also a master at explaining how and why she writes what she writes.’  Philip Ardagh -The Guardian

Additional Information

A standard school author session lasts approximately 1 hour and the cost per session is £175 plus expenses (in line with Scottish BookTrust Live Literature Funding rates).

When looking at the cost please bear in mind that the fee for a one hour session covers:-  all the time I spend going to and from your school, (which might take anything from an hour to 4-5 hours, or more),  I will aim to arrive 30 mins prior to the event and may stay longer afterwards to sign books etc.  All this is time that I am away from my desk and not writing.  Also I am a self employed person with all the associated costs in admin etc.

Transport costs will be kept to a minimum, but  travelling by car is charged at 45p per mile.

Normally creative writing workshops for schools last 90 minutes and can be tailored to any age and ability.  These are suitable for smaller groups and are the same cost as an author session.

For Professional Development events and other types of speaking engagements, workshops and other events please contact me regarding costs, as these may vary.

For more information: Contact me on the contact page of this website. contact-links

Please ask me if you would like something particular, or if you want to discuss any aspect of asking me to come and speak at your school, college or club.

I live in South East Scotland and I enjoy travelling but if I am going to be travelling some distance it makes more sense to try and arrange several sessions in the area which will also reduce the expenses involved. So perhaps you might want to see if other schools, libraries or clubs in your area might be interested in asking me to visit, or ask me about it and I can try and see if I can arrange something.


If you have an interesting event or project you think I could contribute to, I would be happy to discuss it with you.I am always interested in new projects or ideas- so please get in touch!

Previous Events

Date City Venue
03/08/15 Aberdour Aberdour Book Festival
29/06/15 - 30/06/15 St Andrews St Andrews University Summer School
Creative Writing
27/05/15 West Dumbartonshire Tales for Tots
26/05/15 Larkhall Machanhill Primary School
18/05/15 Musselburgh Loretto School
24/04/15 Cumbernauld Theatre, Cumbernauld Yay YA Conference
Time: 10:00am.
23/04/15 Aberdeen Aberdeen Central Children’s Library
Time: 4:00pm. WORLD BOOK NIGHT For families
23/04/15 Aberdeen kirkhill Primary school
23/04/15 Aberdeen Walker Road Nursery
22/04/15 Aberdeen Kitty Brewster Primary
22/04/15 Aberdeen Riverbank Primary
22/04/15 Aberdeen Hazelhead Primary
20/04/15 Glasgow Aye Write Festival
Writing Workshop – Writing for Children
16/03/15 Broxburn, West Lothian Kirkhill Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
16/03/15 Larbert, Falkirk Kinnaird Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
13/03/15 Portsoy, Aberdeenshire Portsoy Primary
Hamish McHaggis
12/03/15 Banff, Aberdeenshire Banff Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
12/03/15 Banff Banff Academy
11/03/15 Bracoden, Banff Bracoden Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
11/03/15 Rothisnorman, Aberdeenshire Rothienorman Primary School
10/03/15 Kemnay, Aberdeenshire Kemnay Primary
10/03/15 Monymusk, Aberdeenshire Monymusk Primary
10/03/15 Kemnay, Aberdeenshire Alehousewells Primary
06/03/15 Eaglesham eaglesham Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
05/03/15 Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Academy
30/01/15 Peterhead HMP Peterhead
Creative writing workshop
29/01/15 Cardenden, Fife Cardenden Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
26/01/15 Macmerry, East Lothian macmerry Primary school
27/11/14 Portlethen, Aberdeenshire Portlethen Primary
Book Week Scotland
26/11/14 Bervie, Aberdeenshire Bervie Primary School
Book Week Scotland
26/11/14 Mearns, Aberdeenshire Mearns Community Campus
Speaking to Primary and Secondary classes Book Week Scotland
25/11/14 Strachan, Aberdeenshire Strachan Primary School
Looking forward to speaking to Primary 1-7 Book Week Scotland
12/11/14 Gosforth Central Middle School – Newcastle. Kids Lit Quiz
Supporting the amazing Kid’s Lit Quiz with quiz master Wayne Mills
12/11/14 Morpeth Chantry Middle School
Workshop for young writers
11/11/14 East of Scotland heats ( Liberton High School Edinburgh) Kids Lit Quiz
Supporting the amazing Kid’s Lit Quiz with quiz master Wayne Mills
06/10/14 Morpeth Newminster Middle school
Workshop with young creative writers at Newminster Middle Schools – in co ordination with Hexham Book Festival
01/10/14 Coatbridge St Timothy’s Primary School
With Hamish McHaggis
23/09/14 Haddington, East Lothian Haddington Rotary Club
Address: Maitlandfield Hotel.
20/08/14 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 (School Programme)
Hamish McHaggis and the Skirmish at Stirling
21/06/14 Dunbar, East Lothian Coast Words Festival
Saturday Morning Hamish McHaggis event
20/06/14 Dunbar, East Lothian Coast Words Festival
Teen Book Event
18/06/14 Duns Berwickshire High school
Teen audience
25/04/14 Dunbar, East Lothian Dunbar Residency (Mums Writers’ Group)
Address: Dunbar Library.
05/04/14 - 06/04/14 Moniack Mhor Beauly Inverness-shire
Moniack Mhor and Arbriachan Forest Trust Short course for adults Words in the Landscape
28/03/14 Dunbar, East Lothian Dunbar Residency (Mums Writers’ Group)
Address: Dunbar Library.
27/03/14 Edinburgh Rotary Club
After lunch, speaker
25/03/14 Erskine Park Mains High School
Speaking to 3rd Year English classes
25/03/14 Howwood, Paisley Howwood Primary
Hamish McHaggis comes to Howwood
28/02/14 Dunbar, East Lothian Dunbar Residency (Mums Writers’ Group)
Address: Dunbar Library.
21/01/14 Auchtermuchty Auchtermuchty Library
06/12/13 Dunbar, East Lothian Dunbar Residency (Mums Writers’ Group)
Address: Dunbar Library. Mums writing group. Short residency December to March
03/12/13 Edinburgh Newcraighall Primary school
With Sally J Collins at Newcraighall Primary School Craigmillar Book Festival Hamish McHaggis
29/11/13 Glenrothes Southwood Primary School
29/11/13 Fife Capshard Primary school
BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND with Hamish McHaggiis
28/11/13 Fife Newport Library
Time: 6:00pm. BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND Event For children but you can bring your Mums and Dads to Meet Hamish McHaggis
28/11/13 Fife Tayport Library
Time: 3:00pm. BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND Meet Hamish McHaggis, for little ones and mums and bookbugs
28/11/13 Fife Tayport Primary School
27/11/13 Kilmarnock Dick Institute
Time: 4:00pm. Address: Elmbank Avenue. BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND Adult creative writing workshop Kilmarnock 4-6pm
27/11/13 Kilmarnock Dick Institute
Time: 1:30pm. Address: Elmbank Avenue. BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND Kilmarnock School event with Hamish McHaggis
27/11/13 Irvine Annick Primary School
Time: 10:30am. BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND IRVINE school
26/11/13 Edinburgh Newington Library
BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND Edinburgh Libraries Hamish McHaggis
19/11/13 Edinburgh Craignmillar Book Festival
With Sally J Collins – Hamish McHaggis event Craigmillar Library
18/11/13 Greenock Ardgowan Primary School
P7 classes
13/11/13 East of Scotland heats ( Liberton High School Edinburgh) Kids Lit Quiz
Excellent that this year East of Scotland Heats are in LIBERTON HIGH SCHOOL where I am Patron of Reading!
11/11/13 Gosforth Central Middle School – Newcastle. Kids Lit Quiz
Once again the start of the UK Kids Lit Quiz. Looking forward to being on the author team with Anne Fine, Mark Robson and Helen Limon.
11/11/13 Morpeth Newminster Middle school
A lively creative writing workshop and then accompanying the school team to the Kids Lit Quiz in Newcastle.
07/11/13 Ardrossan, North Ayrshire Ardrossan Academy
Writing Workshiop
31/10/13 - 03/11/13 Brighton, England World Fantasy Convention 2013
28/09/13 Kingussie, Invernesshire Talla Nan Ros, Kingussie
Writing workshop for adults Turning Leaves Book Festival
27/09/13 Kingussie, Invernesshire Kingussie Primary School
Turning Leaves Book Festival
27/09/13 Newtonmore, Invernessshire Newtonmore Primary School
Turning Leaves Book Festival
27/09/13 Kingussie, Invernesshire Kingussie High School
Turning Leaves Book Festival
26/09/13 - 28/09/13 Kingussie Kingussie Book Festival
Address: Kingussie Library and Aviemore Library. 26th September -Launch of Turning leaves Festival, Kingussie
17/09/13 Edinburgh Liberton High school
PATRON OF READING My first event as Patron of Reading for Liberton High School. I’ll be there all day!
14/09/13 Stirling Bloody Scotland Crime Festival 2013
Time: 12:00pm. Linda Strachan and Sophie McKenzie Breaking the Boundary (SPECIAL JULY TICKET OFFER- See festival website) Violence, drugs and sex : the teenage years can be the most turbulent times of your adult life. Exploring the impact that teenage crime novels have on their readers are Linda Strachan, author of three thrillers, including Don’t Judge Me, and Sophie McKenzie writer of the Missing series, Blood Ties and Blood Ransom and the Medusa Project series. – See more at:
12/09/13 New lanark ML11 9BY New Lanark
Hamish McHaggis with two local schools at the New Lanark Heritage Centre
12/08/13 - 17/08/13 Moniack Mhor Beauly Inverness-shire
Arvon Foundation RESIDENTIAL WRITING COURSE Writing for Children with co tutor Teresa Flavin !2-17th August 2013 Midweek guest tutor Bali Rai
10/08/13 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Time: 1:30pm. Venue Baillie Gifford Imagination Lab Don’t Judge Me – come and discover the unusual way this book came about and how we all make judgements about people we know, but some of them can be dangerous.
09/08/13 North Berwick, East Lothian Fringe by the Sea Festival
Time: 12:00pm. Address: Belhaven Speigletent – The Harbour. Author Conversations – Teen novels North Berwick, Scotland Event suitable for age 10+ More information
28/03/13 Cruden Bay cruden Bay Library
Address: Port Errol Primary School.
28/03/13 Boddam Boddam Library
28/03/13 Peterhead Peterhead Library
27/03/13 Aberdeenshire Ellon Academy
27/03/13 Huntly, Aberdeenshire The Gordon Schools
26/03/13 Aberdeenshire Inverurie Library
26/03/13 Kintore, Aberdeenshire Kintore Library
25/03/13 Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire Meldrum Academy
25/03/13 Banchory Banchory Library
20/03/13 North Lanarkshire Catalyst Award author tour
19/03/13 Fife Burntisland Primary
13/03/13 Glasgow Aye Write Festival
Teenage book event and Hamish event
12/03/13 Glasgow Aye Write Festival
Hamish McHaggis events
12/03/13 Glasgow Scottish Writer’s Centre
evening event
07/03/13 Haddington, East Lothian Haddington Library
World Book Day event
07/03/13 Haddington, East Lothian Knox Academy
WORLD BOOK DAY S1 teen event.
06/03/13 Edinburgh Edinburgh Academy
Hamish McHaggis event
05/03/13 Tullibody, St Serf’s Primary
01/03/13 Turriff Aberdeenshire Turriff Academy
Talking about teen novel SPIDER
28/02/13 Aberchirder Aberchirder
08/02/13 Dunoon, Argyll and Bute Dunoon Library
Time: 1:00pm. Meeting Primary 3 and 4 from St Mun’s Primary school with Hamish McHaggis!
07/02/13 Oban Oban High School
05/02/13 Central Library, Ediburgh Young Edinburgh Writers
23/11/12 Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire Gargieston Primary School
23/11/12 Kilbirnie Garnock Academy
S2 – Author visit
15/11/12 Princes Street, Edinburgh Waterstones West End Branch
14/11/12 Falkirk Kids Lit Quiz – St Mungo’s High School
13/11/12 Kilsyth Academy Kids Lit Quiz
Address: Kilsyth.
12/11/12 Morpeth Newminster Middle school
12/11/12 Gosforth Central Middle School – Newcastle. Kids Lit Quiz
09/11/12 YORK NAWE Conference 2012
Presenting (with Cathy macPhail)
23/10/12 Fife Benarty Primary school
Address: Lochleven Road Lochore.
12/10/12 Shotts Calderhead High School
Catalyst Encounter Tour
12/10/12 Wishaw Coltness High School
Catalyst Encounter Tour
02/10/12 Warrington Callands Community School:
Primary classes
06/09/12 - 09/09/12 Island of Islay Islay Book Festival
05/09/12 Milngavie, Glasgow. Milngavie Book Festival
Hamish McHaggis Event time of event TBC
05/09/12 Milngavie, Glasgow. Milngavie Book Festival
Teenage book event ( PM )
11/08/12 - 28/08/12 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Dates TBC
30/06/12 Bridge of Earn. Perthshire Kilgraston
15/05/12 Haddington East Lothian Haddington Library/St Mary’s Primary school
Hamish McHaggis event (school event only)
11/05/12 Glasgow Pollok House
invited school class Hamish McHaggis launch event
04/05/12 East Lothian Merryhatton Garden Centre
Time: 3:00pm. Admission: Free. Box office: 01620 880278. Merryhatton Garden Centre is the venue for the East Lothian launch of Hamish McHaggis and The Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt, For ages 4-9, this event is free but ticketed. To book phone / email or pop in to Merryhatton.
29/04/12 Glasgow The Riverside Transport Museum
Admission: Free. Launch of the latest book 10th in the series Hamish McHaggis and the Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt Interactive sessions with Linda Strachan and Sally J Collins, storytelling – drawing workshops -book signing
28/04/12 Glasgow Kelvingrove Art gallery and Museum
Admission: Free. Launch of the latest book 10th in the series Hamish McHaggis and the Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt Interactive sessions with Linda Strachan and Sally J Collins, storytelling – drawing workshops and book signing
07/04/12 Selkirk Baxters
Storytelling with Hamish McHaggis
27/03/12 - 29/03/12 Cairo. Egypt Modern English School
Workshops with Yr 9 Author event/talk with Yrs 1-6 and storytelling with FS1 and FS2
21/03/12 Sunderland Sunderland High School
Workshops for Senior School Reading day With Andy Seed, Ann Evans, Linda Strachan, Cathy McPhail and Malcolm Rose
19/03/12 Dunbar Dunbar Library
Address: East Lothian. Dunbar teen reading group
15/03/12 Livingston, West Lothian St Ninian’s RC Primary
Hamish McHaggis
08/03/12 Loch Leven Loch Leven Community High school/ Library
Spider and Dead Boy Talking 1)with Primary 7 and S 1 2) with S4
07/03/12 Edinburgh Gylemuir Primary
Launch of Gylemiur Primary 3’s excellent animation based on Hamish McHaggis characters and stories.
07/03/12 Airdrie Caldervale High school
Catalyst Book Award event Winners of an author event for review for Catalyst Award.
05/03/12 Edinburgh Davidson’s Mains Primary
Hamish McHaggis
02/03/12 Dunfermline Dunfermline High School
World Book Day week Spider and Dead boy Talking with S3
01/03/12 Edinburgh Mary Erskine School
World Book Day 2012 S3
29/02/12 Glasgow Hutchesons’ Grammer School – Primary
World Book Day week Storytelling with Hamish McHaggis
29/02/12 Newtyle, Angus Newtyle Primary
World Book Day week With Hamish McHaggis
27/02/12 Lochgelly Kinglassie Primary School
World Book Day week Hamish McHaggis
27/02/12 Rosyth Rosyth Library
World Book Day week Hamish McHaggis
26/01/12 Cockenzie, East Lothian Seahorse Nursery
Reading Hamish McHaggis What Colour is Love?
24/01/12 Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire Gargieston Primary School
Hamish McHaggis
14/12/11 Edinburgh RBS Gogar
CHRISTMAS FAIR at Blackwells RBS Signing books for Christmas presents Sally J Collins will also be there
01/12/11 Livingston, West Lothian St Ninian’s RC Primary
Hamish McHaggis
29/11/11 Westhill Aberdeen Westhill Academy
S2 event on Spider and Dead Boy Talking
28/11/11 Inverurie, Aberdeenshire Inverurie Academy
Spider & Dead Boy Talking S3 and S4
28/11/11 Aberdeenshire Inverurie Library
Nursery & P1
22/11/11 Langholm, Dumfriesshire Langholm Playcare
Afternoon event for children Evening event for adults on creative storytelling
16/11/11 Perth ECS North Inch Library
P1-3 Hamish McHaggis
08/11/11 Falkirk Kids Lit Quiz – St Mungo’s High School
07/11/11 Morpeth Newminster Middle school
Writing Workshop Year 6
07/11/11 North East of England heats (Newcastle) Kids Lit Quiz
02/11/11 Edinburgh George Watson’s College
Hamish McHaggis – Primary 2 classes
25/10/11 Edinburgh Newcraighall Primary school
Craigmillar Book festival Nursery class
25/10/11 Edinburgh Niddriemill Primary School
Craigmillar Book Festival P3/4
21/10/11 Turnberry Turnberry Resort
Address: Maidens Road Turnberry. Venue phone: 01655 334 175.. Children’s Reading Day event Hamish McHaggis
11/10/11 Edinburgh Liberton High school
Spider & Dead Boy Talking
10/10/11 Armadale, West Lothian Armadale Comunity Centre and Library
Hamish McHaggis
10/10/11 Bathgate Bathgate Partnership Centre – Library
Hamish McHaggis
04/10/11 Westhill Aberdeen Westhill Library
Hamish McHaggis
15/09/11 New lanark ML11 9BY New Lanark
Hamish McHaggis Events
30/08/11 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Schools Gala Day Hamish McHaggis event see EIBF Schools Programme to book
18/08/11 - 30/08/11 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Writing for Children Workshop- Sold Out Hamish McHaggis School Gala Day event- Sold out Amnesty International Imprisoned Writers Event Spider & Dead Boy Talking Teen Event
06/08/11 Traquair, Innerleithen, Peebleshire Traquair Fair
Hamish McHaggis
02/06/11 Glasgow Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow
S2 classes, Spider & Dead Boy Talking
28/05/11 Haddington East Lothian Haddington Festival
23/05/11 - 25/06/11 Turriff Aberdeenshire Turriff Academy
Turriff Academy Aberchirder Primary School Millbank PS Balmedie PS Longside PS Boddam Library
12/05/11 - 13/05/11 Turriff Turriff (Venue TBC)
Turriff Book Fortnight
11/05/11 Aberdeenshire Ellon Academy
Spider & Dead Boy Talking
30/04/11 - 01/05/11 Wigtown Wigtown Spring Weekend
Time: 2:00pm. Box office: To book tickets please contact 01988 403222.. Wigtown Spring Festival Spider/Dead Boy Talking event- For teenagers and writers -Saturday 30th April at 3pm Hamish McHaggis event- for younger children 11-12 Sunday 1st May
06/04/11 Sunderland, Tyne & Wear Argyle House School
16/03/11 Alloa Sunnyside Primary School
Time: 10:00am.
15/03/11 Aberfeldy Breadalbane Library and Community Campus
Speaking to Primary and High school classes
14/03/11 Aberlady, East Lothian Aberlady Primary School
P4/5 and P6- creative writing
10/03/11 Perth Perth Academy
Time: 2:00pm.
09/03/11 Lochgelly Kinglassie Primary School
Time: 2:00pm. TBC
09/03/11 Fife TBC
Time: 2:00pm.
05/03/11 Airdrie Airdrie Library.
Time: 2:00pm. YA Book Group Launch
04/03/11 Aberdeenshire Kemnay & Kintore
Library event – Hamish McHaggis
04/03/11 Turriff Aberdeenshire Turriff Academy
YA event
03/03/11 Aberdeenshire Inverurie Library
03/03/11 Newmachar Newmachar Library
World Book Day event with Hamish McHaggis
02/03/11 Aberdeenshire Ellon Library
Time: 2:00pm. 2-3pm Children, parents and staff of Gordon Park Playgroup
16/02/11 Manukau – Auckland NZ Elm Park Primary School
1- Hamish McHaggis and What Colour is Love? 2 – YA Novels
15/02/11 Henderson, Auckland NZ Bruce McLaren Intermediate
YA Novels – two audiences
15/02/11 Auckland NZ St Dominic’s College
YA Novels
11/02/11 Napier – New Zealand Tamatea Primary School
Hamish McHaggis and Greyfriars Bobby
11/02/11 Napier – New Zealand Tamatea High School
YA Novels and creative writing 2 class events
09/02/11 Porirua -New Zealand Rangikura Primary School
Hamish McHaggis and What Colour is love- younger children YA books older classes
09/02/11 Wellington – New Zealand St Marks Church School
What Colour is Love? and Hamish McHaggis
07/02/11 Palmerston North – New Zealand Awatapu College
YA books – two classes
07/02/11 Palmerston North – New Zealand Central Normal School
creative writing
17/01/11 Bothwell Road, Hamilton Hamilton College
17/01/11 Glasgow Kelvinside Academy, Glasgow
15/12/10 Edinburgh RBS Gogar
Linda Strachan and Sally J Collins will be signing books at the Christmas Fayre
26/11/10 Morpeth Newminster Middle school
Time: 10:00am. I will be speaking to Year 8 about Spider and Dead Boy Talking
26/11/10 Gosforth Central Middle School – Newcastle. Kids Lit Quiz
I will be part of an author team with Emma Barnes, Gill Aburthnott and David Williams!
18/11/10 Edinburgh Dobbies Garden World
With Sally J Collins- more details to follow
17/11/10 North Lanarkshire St Aidan’s High School
St Aidan’s High school I am really looking forward to returning to St Aidan’s High School – which hosted the Catalyst awards in October this year- and was the school that won the review competition. I will be speaking to S3
17/11/10 Ratho, Edinburgh Ratho Primary School
09/11/10 Uphall Uphall Primary School
09/11/10 George Heriot’s School Edinburgh Kids Lit Quiz
05/11/10 Auchterarder The Community School of Auchterarder
I will be running creative writing workshops with some S3 and S4 pupils and speaking to the creative writing club!
28/10/10 North Lanarkshire Catalyst Book Awards
The Catalyst Teenage Book Award And the winner is… Spider by Linda Strachan!!
16/10/10 Bearsden. Glasgow Brookwood Library
Time: 2:00pm. East Dumbarton Storytelling Festival 2-3pm Hamish McHaggis stories. Contact Brookwood library 0141 777 3021 for information
06/10/10 Aberlady, East Lothian Aberlady Primary School
Visiting Primary 1, 2, 3 and 4 with Hamish McHaggis Storytime with the nursery. Q & A with Primary 7
24/09/10 Newton Stewart Douglas-Ewart High School
Ist Year author visit and creative writing workshop
23/09/10 Wigtown Wigtown Book Festival- Main Marqueee
Wigtown Book Festival Creative writing Prize Speaking to an audience of primary school pupils
17/09/10 Dunfermline Carnegie Hall
sold out! 500 tickets for 4-7yr olds Hamish McHaggis stories
17/09/10 Kincardine. Fife Kincardine Primary school
16/09/10 Fife Kirkcaldy West Primary School
16/09/10 Balingry. Fife Benarty Primary School
15/09/10 Levenmouth Kirkland High School and Community College
Time: 1:00pm. High school event Spider and Dead Boy Talking
15/09/10 Levenmouth Kirkland High School and Community College
Primary School audience for Hamish McHaggis Part of the Fife Book Festival
13/09/10 Penicuik Midlothian Cornbank St James PS
Hamish McHaggis for the nursery, P 1 and P2
12/09/10 Dunfermline Pittencreiff Park
Fife Family Book Carnival
08/09/10 Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens
Encyclopaedia Britannica on International Literacy day. I will be speaking and awarding the great prizes won in their competitions for adults and chidlren- see your local Scottish library for details
26/08/10 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Time: 11:00am. Creative writing workshop- Writing for younger chidlren. (This event is fully booked. See Edinburgh International Book Festival website for more details and any last minute availability)
14/08/10 Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final
I am looking forward to attending the Kids’ Lit Quiz World Final at Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh
11/08/10 Glasgow Universal Bar
Time: 7:30pm. Address: Sauchiehall Lane. Weegie Wednesday – showcase Weegie Wednesday is a Glasgow based networking group for writers, publishers, booksellers and agents held the second Wednesday of every month.
28/06/10 - 02/07/10 Moniack Mhor Beauly Inverness-shire
I will be a tutor on the ARVON residential course – Writing for Children -with Cathy MacPhail and guest speaker, agent Kathryn Ross of Fraser Ross Associates **This course is now fully booked** see the Arvon website
25/05/10 Edinburgh Granton Primary school, Edinburgh
speaking to Primary 1 and 2 classes about Hamish McHaggis
26/04/10 - 27/04/10 Aberdeen International school Aberdeen
I will be spending two days speaking to a variety of classes in the International School of Aberdeen.
29/03/10 Lochgelly Kinglassie Primary School
29/03/10 Glenrothes Markinch Primary School
24/03/10 - 26/03/10 Edinburgh Craignmillar Book Festival
Age restrictions: All Ages. Craigmillar Book Festival. I will be visiting Newcraighall, St Francis and Castleview primary schools and nurseries in Craigmillar and also S3 in Castlebrae High School.
24/03/10 East Lothian Port Seton Library
Adult creative writing workshop It’s Not Childsplay: writing for tots to teens. 7.30pm Free event but places are limited so must be booked in advance.
23/03/10 North Lanarkshire Greenfaulds and St Margaret’s High Schools
Speaking to S2 classes about Spider
11/03/10 Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire Meldrum Academy
Creative writing with S5 group
10/03/10 Aberdeenshire Dalgatie Castle, Turriff,
Co-tutoring a creative writing day for adults with author and poet Kenneth Stevens at Dalgatie Castle
08/03/10 Midlothian, Scotland Loanhead Library,
Speaking to P3 classes from Paradykes Primary school.
05/03/10 Aberdeen Central Library
Invited school classes – Hamish McHaggis and friends
04/03/10 Aberdeen Kingswell primary School
03/03/10 Dunfermline Dunfermline High School
Speaking to S2 about SPIDER and about my new novel Dead Boy Talking which is published on 1 June 2010
01/03/10 East Lothian Gullane Library
Creative writing workshop with P5/6/7
25/02/10 Kirkcaldy Strathallan Primary school
I will be speaking to the Nursery and Primary 1, Primary 2 and working on creative writing with Primary 6/7
24/02/10 DUNBAR Dunbar Grammar School
I will be working with a S3 class on creative writing.
10/02/10 Haddington Haddington Infant school
I will be speaking to Primary 3 classes about Hamish McHaggis and friends
02/02/10 Edinburgh Edinburgh Academy
I will be speaking to Primary 1 classes about Hamish McHaggis and friends
28/01/10 Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire Gargieston Primary School
I will be visiting the Nursery and reading from What Colour is Love? and also visiting Primary 1 and Primary 2 to speak about the Hamish McHaggis stories.
27/01/10 RED (Read Enjoy Debate) Book Award Ceremony Falkirk
SPIDER has been shortlisted for the RED Award other shortlisted books are:- Bloodlines by Sophie McKenzie, Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray, The Ice Cream Con by Jimmy Docherty, Strangled Silence by Oisin McGann
17/01/10 Bothwell Road, Hamilton Hamilton College
Time: 10:00am. Moved from December because of the snow I am looking forward to visiting Hamilton College on Monday 17th January 2011 Visiting Primary 3 with Hamish McHaggis stories
30/11/09 Renfrewshire – Paisley Glenburn Library
1pm for 4-7yr olds Hamish McHaggis
30/11/09 Renfrewshire – Lochwinnoch Lochwinnoch Library
3pm 4-7yr olds Hamish McHaggis
28/11/09 Edinburgh Illuminated Art Car Parade
Age restrictions: All Ages. Come and see the favourite Hamish McHaggis WHIRRY BANG and meet Hamish before the parade. More details to follow.
13/11/09 Whitburn St Joseph’s Primary school.
Hamish McHaggis
12/11/09 East Ayrshire Imprint Festival East Ayrshire. Burns Monument Centre
Age restrictions: All Ages. Hamish McHaggis sessions
06/11/09 North Lanarkshire Christ the King PS and Mossend PS
I will be talking about HAMISH McHAGGIS
03/11/09 Edinburgh Stewart’s Melville Kid’s Lit Quiz
I am delighted to be taking part in the Edinburgh heat of the Kid’s Lit Quiz
29/10/09 North Lanarkshire THE WORKS Festival Coatbridge Library (am) and Whifflet Library (pm)
Age restrictions: All Ages. I will be talking to about SPIDER to Senior School pupils
20/10/09 Largs, North Ayrshire Brisbane Nursery
I will be talking about WHAT COLOUR IS LOVE? and HAMISHMcHAGGIS
29/09/09 - 01/10/09 Port Lethen , Aberdeenshire S.A.L.T. Festival
Age restrictions: All Ages. I will be visiting Fishermoss, Newtonhill and Portlethen Primary schools – with HAMISH McHAGGIS and his WHIRRY BANG vehicle!
27/09/09 Edinburgh Edinburgh Zoo
Age restrictions: All Ages.
24/09/09 Bath Bath Children’s Festival
Age restrictions: All Ages. Writing for children Linda Strachan in conversation with Barry Cunningham
21/09/09 Cowdenbeath Foulford Primary School
Age restrictions: All Ages. Foulford Primary School is having their book week and I will be speaking to the nursery and P1 then P2-P3 about WHAT COLOUR IS LOVE? and HAMISH McHAGGIS
11/09/09 - 12/09/09 Kingston University, London. UK How To Get Published A 2-day conference for writers at Kingston University- London
Age restrictions: All Ages. 11 September to 12 September 2009, To join this 2-day conference on how to get published see:
02/09/09 Milngavie, Glasgow. Milngavie Book Festival
Age restrictions: All Ages. 11.30 am Hamish McHaggis Look out for Hamish himself and his Whirry Bang vehicle! 2.00 pm Spider (event for teenagers/YA) I will also be signing books in the bookshop after the afternoon event.
15/08/09 - 31/08/09 Edinburgh Edinburgh International Book Festival
Age restrictions: All Ages. Look out for Wed 26th August. 4.30pm – Hamish McHaggis event with author Linda Strachan and Illustrator Sally J. Collins. Schools Gala day 1st September- Hamish McHaggis schools event with author Linda Strachan Friday 28th August (Sold out) -‘Not just Fluffy Bunnies and Rhyme’- Workshop on Writing for Young Children with author Linda Strachan
25/07/09 - 26/07/09 Holyrood Park – Edinburgh The Clan Gathering
Age restrictions: All Ages. HAMISH McHAGGIS is the CHILDREN’S MASCOT for the Gathering 2009 Two days of fun and excitement for all the family. – be a part of history- Meet Hamish and see his amazing Whirry Bang vehicle
23/07/09 Morningside, Edinburgh Fidra Bookshop, Edinburgh
Admission: Free. Age restrictions: All Ages. Hamish McHaggis will be visiting Fidra Books and I will be reading and signing books
23/06/09 - 25/06/09 Sunderland Hylton Red House School
Age restrictions: All Ages.
18/06/09 Edinburgh SCBWI Scotland – Edinburgh
Age restrictions: All Ages. SCBWI Scotland Spring into Summer Retreat 2009
10/06/09 Port Seton Port Seton Library
Time: 1:30pm. Age restrictions: All Ages.
17/05/09 Inverary Inverary Jail and Inverary Castle
Time: 2:30pm. Hamish McHaggis with his trusty Whirry Bang Vehicle will be visiting Inverary Jail and Inverary Castle. I will be reading the new story ‘Hamish McHaggis and the Clan Gathering’
14/05/09 - 15/05/09 Aberdeenshire Primary Schools and Turriff Library
I will be speaking to a P7 class at Fyvie PS about my teenage novel SPIDER I will be visiting Monquitter, Fyvie, FIntry, King Edward,Crudie and Markethill primary schools, telling tales of Hamish McHaggis and friends. Hamish himself may even make an appearance!
13/05/09 Aberdeen Aberdeen Word Festival
Time: 10:00am. King’s College Centre Aberdeen. **This event is fully booked**
11/05/09 Clackmannanshire Alva Primary School
School author visit
27/04/09 East Lothian Cockenzie primary school
Time: 2:30pm.
18/04/09 Edinburgh Edinburgh Castle
Time: 2:30pm. The Launch of Hamish McHaggis and the Clan Gathering
15/04/09 Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh Borders Bookshop
Time: 2:30pm.
10/04/09 Falkirk Falkirk Wheel
01/04/09 Morpeth Opening Day!
Address: Morpeth Library. I’ll be there all day, reading to young chlidren in the morning, teenagers in the afternoon, and adult writers in the evening. Drop by and say hello!
26/03/09 Lochgelly Lochgelly South Primary School

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