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Powerful!! A new review of Spider

It’s always great to find someone has reviewed one of my books, especially when the reviewer has really enjoyed it!

A couple of months ago the lovely Maryom (Mary) from Our book reviews online reviewed Spider and described it as  ‘… a gripping, readable and rather frightening novel.’ She gave it 5 stars which was wonderful.

So I was not expecting to find another great Review of Spider , by The Mole (AKA Gerry) who decided it was short enough that he could read it before it was due back at their local library in a couple of days, but found himself reading it late into the night and getting up early the next morning to finish it!

There was also a lovely comment by Liz De jager on the site –

‘Linda Strachan is an amazing and very much unsung writer – and I hope reviews like this change it!’

Thank you Liz!

Check out her excellent website,  myfavouritebooks for a great review of Dead Boy Talking

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