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TV Debut – CODEX

For those of you who have asked we now know the date of the Codex show. Saturday 1st December on Channel 4 at 5.45pm.

Codex is a history quiz show that takes place in the British Museum in London and is filmed in the middle of the night. Our show started filming at 3am!

Hosted by Tony Robinson two teams of colleagues are asked questions on various artefacts from the Museum and the prize is £3000 and a CODEX cube. Our team of Children’s writers were Charles Butler, Mark Robson and me. Our opposing team were all archaeologists! So if you can watch it you will see how we got on. The programme is repeated an hour later on 4+1.

We had a great time during the filming and also when we went to the Archbishop Courtney Primary school in Maidstone for the introductory part. The children there were real stars! I am hoping to put stills from the show on my website quite soon after the show.

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