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October 2007

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October is well and truly here and although the trees are showing the golden glints of autumn it has been warm and sunny for the last couple of days and ‘Tuscany’ (my writing shed) gets very hot when the sun shines through the windows. It was almost 8o degrees on the thermometer, so very pleasant and it meant I could leave the doors open.

Every free moment lately has been spent out in Tuscany (no, not in Italy- it’s my writing shed in the garden!) working on my new book,‘Writing for Children’ (Pub A & C Black.). It is for adults who want to write for children and is due to be published in June 2008. Although next June is still some time away I noticed that it is already up on Amazon for pre-order. I have enjoyed working on it but I am now especially keen to get it finished. I love it when a book is almost there and you can see the end approaching.

I also have some new ideas for stories I want to write buzzing about in my head. I have made some notes and put them away for now but it is almost like knowing you have a bar of chocolate waiting in a drawer you are not allowed to open!

Time is my enemy, there is never quite enough of it! September started well with a long weekend in Paris which was lovely. This is me outside the

I also managed to spend quite a lot of time in Tuscany writing, but I like to get out of there every now and then, so it was good to be doing a few events at the end of September, and during this last week or so.

bookstart 2This was taken when I was in North Lanarkshire for the Bookstart launch and there is another photo on my events page, reading to a nursery class at New Stevenson Library. I will be adding more photos of past events very soon.

I am going to be doing some CPD work with teachers in the next month, starting with nursery and early primary school teachers in the storytelling Centre in Edinburgh and at the end of the month in North Ayrshire with upper and lower primary school teachers working on creative writing ideas.

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