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Glasgow’s Aye Write Schools Festival 2013


The Aye Write Schools Festival was a lot of fun.  I spoke to lots of primary school children about Hamish McHaggis.




We had fun trying to work out clues for the Great Glasgow Treasure Hunt.



There were lots of great questions and some of the chidlren came up to help, holding up large images of  colourful  Mini Beasts from the Hamish books- a caterpillar, a ladybird, a spider, a dragonfly, a snail, a bee, a wood ant, a slater(woodlouse) and a butterfly.

Hamish himself dropped in to say a quick hello, before dashing back to his Whirry Bang for a picnic – much to the delight of the children.


For some of the sessions I was in the Robert Burns room and one little girl was quite curious,  This is how the conversation went…
Little girl -‘This is the Robert Burns room. It said so on the door!”
Me -“Yes, that’s right.” (impressed)
Little girl –  ( looks around the room) “So, where is Robert Burns?”
Me -“He lived a very long time ago, but he’s dead now”
Little girl – (looks confused) “So why is this his room?”




I was also speaking to S2 about my teen novels Dead Boy Talking, Spider and Don’t Judge Me

There were some excellent questions.








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