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Dead Boy Talking


In 25 minutes I will be dead.

The knife slipped into my body, a bright, sharp edge of death, a thief. It sliced easily though leather, skin and flesh.Hot, red blood coating its blade, warming the icy metal with a precious searing heat. It flowed over the handle and escaped, rushing in a fiery torrent, taking my life with it.

No, this is not some dead person talking to you from the grave. It’s just me, Josh, you know me.

I’m not scared.

I’m not!

Yeah, who am I kidding?


DEAD BOY TALKING –  Published 2010

(Pub July 2010) ISBN: 978 1905537-20-4

Josh has twenty five minutes to live.

Yesterday he stabbed his best mate and now it’s happened to him. Lying alone in a pool of blood Josh hasn’t much time to think, but there are things he can’t get out of his head.
Where is Skye? What happened to his missing brother? And how did he end up like this? As his life slips away the events of the last twenty four hours start to look very different…

Longlisted for the  Catalyst Teenage Book Award 2011

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Katherine Grover  School Librarian International School of Aberdeen

Linda came to the International School of Aberdeen  in April 2010. She read an extract of “Dead Boy Talking” to our fifth graders. You could have heard a pin drop! Linda really knows how to hold her audience’s attention. The students were enthralled but disappointed that they couldn’t get hold of the book immediately to finish reading it for themselves, as both the subject matter and writing style appealed to them.

After her visit many of our students went on to read her other book aimed at teenagers, “Spider.” This book also deals with hard-hitting, ‘youth’ topics- joy-riding and teenage pregnancy. A book I would definitely recommend.